Export Software - Zeus Exports CRM
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Export Software – Zeus Exports CRM

Scale Up your Export Business with us!!

Zeus Exports CRM for Export Companies is the best choice preferred by the exporting community. Zeus Exports CRM is a robust cloud-based export software that is based on business automation that meets all the unique requirements for your business.  Our Zeus Exports CRM is designed for the wholesalers and distributors focusing on exports.

Zeus Exports CRM, an exporter software has been designed in such a way for easy handling and adaptability for both hardware and workforce. With 7 years of Experience, Our CRM organises, automate and improvise their quality and quantity for exporting companies.  It provides the best features for exporting like product management, Proforma invoice, order entry work, invoice, quoting and more. The main purpose of Zeus Exports CRM, the best export software is to secure export orders and timely delivery of goods.

Exporter Software
Reach Heights in Exports

How Zeus Exports CRM Improve your business?

Zero Lead Leakage

Centralised lead management with clear insights without any drops.

Email Followups

Sending mail to your merchandise to standardised reports in inbox.

Close More Sales

Identify the leads with clear insights with export software new campaign of more offers.

Strategic Report

Live reports gives the best analytics to make quick and smarter decisions.

Automate your Exports with us!

Why Choose Zeus Exports CRM?

Lead Module

Check the status of each leads and prioritize their orders. The incoming leads are qualified and nurtured so that every leads can be converted to an incredible export opportunity.

Prospect Module

Enhancing every potential leads using this export software to buy from the business offered and suggesting a good communication . Making every leads to transfer and get connected.

Follow up Module

Automated follow ups via calls, messages, emails and promptly setting meetings and to execute them. Main functionality is to manage these follow-ups by allowing users to create every reminder.

Product Costing Module

Organizing and handling multiple products, also specify their dimension and selling prices. Every exporter can manage their product performance and tracks its productivity and cost over time.

In-Build Mail Box Module

Direct Email facility for documents and reports from within the system. Generates mails from prebuilt Mailing system which avoids the usage of external source for sending mails to your merchandise.

Proforma Invoice Module

Generating the preliminary bill of sale to the buyers in advance of their delivery of their goods. Creates trust via commitment to goods or services that is necessary to be delivered at the time.

Target Module

Our export software surveys every customers and their backgrounds. Also, produces product development and to produce quality goods as per specific needs ssssof foreign markets/buyers.

Invoice Module

Creates a complete, integrated processing of bills and accounts of the goods. Automating tasks related to invoice processing. Producing sale transaction with our export software CRM.

Supplier PO Module

Integrated process of sending mails and documents to the supplier to acknowledge every order they take. Maintains the regular supplier performance and details. Helps to manage supply chain risk.

Order Management Module

Automate every process and focus on valuable customers to get effective growth of orders in exports. Helps to maintain and update the orders and purchases and track the inventory.

Vendor Module

Empowers to take appropriate measures for product costing, reducing risks related to vendors, and maintains the information of your clients and allocates a single console for everyone.

Digitalized Operations Module

Step up to the Digitalized management of your export business. All document are created with suitable templates, size and stored in a secure workspace for your sales team to access from anywhere.


Ready to use

Zeus Exports CRM is ready to use with all fields, forms and reports configured for all business sectors.


Enhanced speed & agility

Zeus Exports CRM is designed to respond faster to customer needs and deliver service instantly


Flexibility in accounting

Zeus Exports CRM offers flexible validating the entries of the company to book the sales value


Instant Reports

Zeus Exports CRM produces instant reports to automate business monitoring, budgeting and revenue forecasting etc

Deliver Innovative Solutions

Why Zeus Exports CRM?

An Integrated export management software solution to enhance your Exporting Business with higher level of transformation.  Zeus Exports CRM, the best export software which aims to make revolutionary technology accessible, at an affordable price, for both the small and medium-sized Exporting business.

Offering all-in-one solution for export, who wish to digitalize their management

Meeting upon every Export perspective and specifications

Promotes the Management of their tasks and make them more effective in export software

Recognizing the significance and committed to the quality of our service with this exporter software

Providing Expertise guidance with real flexibility in project management of export software

Increase your Sales with export software

Start your Journey with Zeus Exports CRM

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  • Follow-up and Remainder System

  • Supplier Order Inspection

  • Invoice Generation

  • Target Management

  • Customized Report

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  • Currency Converter

  • Task Management

  • File Management

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